How to Handle Potential Infections in Stem Cell Research

Anytime you are dealing with human or animal tissue, there is the danger of infection or the spreading of disease. In Spain they have been working on this issue for years and there is a paper by Fernando Cobo of the Stem Cell Bank of Andalucía in which he addresses this issue. Here is a small portion:

“Regenerative medicine therapies will allow in the future the transplant of cells of human origin in some diseases that until now have been incurable. The assurance of the safety and quality, especially from a microbiological point of view, is very important for these therapeutic products.

Depending on the starting material, there are several sources of pathogen presence, mainly human viruses. Also, the use of feeders of animal origin as layers in which the stem cells can grow may permit the transmission of animal pathogens to these cells. However, cell sources are limited due to the low availability of spare in vitro fecundation human embryos and the low rate of success in the derivation of human stem cell lines. Thus, in several cases, it will be necessary to evaluate the possibility of removing or inactivating these microorganisms.”

In the paper titled “Application of methods for viral clearance in stem cell production,”  Cobo summarize the main methods of viral clearance and we have provided an overview of the main features taking into account in the viral clearance techniques.

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Radiation Causes Stem Cell Dysfunction

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Are Stem Cells Morally Wrong?

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