What Stem Cell Therapy Is Best For Me?

The first step to considering stem cell therapy is to know why you want stem cell therapy.  Some people want stem cell therapy to help their body fight a disease, such as cancer, heart disease, or diabetes.  Some people want stem cell therapy for the anti-aging principals.  They would like a reduction in pain and for their body to move in a youthful fashion once again.  Some people want to ward off or correct the signs of aging physically.  Stem cell therapies come in injectable and topical applications for a youthful appearance.  Some people want stem cell therapies as a preventative.

For someone wanting to fight a disease, they want very quick responses in the least amount of time and therapies.  This often comes with a high price tag, but health is worth the cost.  To help in the battle of a life threatening disease, umbilical cord blood would be a good option.  If you or a family member has stored the cord blood from your baby’s birth, this would be a good option.  Your own adult stem cells from your blood would also be a good option.  There is a chance that your immune system will reject the stem cells if you are not related to the cord blood donor.  Some therapies now include anti-rejection drugs in the cord blood treatments.  Several treatments are usually needed with a high price tag.

Bone marrow stem cells will be another option.  These are harvested from your bone marrow through a bone punch or will be taken from a matching donor.  In the case of a donor, chemotherapy and radiation are used to shut off your own stem cell production.  The donor stem cells are injected into your body where, if there is no reaction, will populate your bone marrow increasing your body’s ability to fight cancers.

While stem cells may not cure cancer, they can allow someone to live a normal life with cancer for extended periods.

Embryonic stem cells are risky.  These stem cells contain the blueprint in which to completely build a human body from scratch.  When introduced into a human that is already formed, research as shown that the stem cells often go rogue and cause cancers, especially in the brain, because their design is to create.  When there is nothing in the body to create, the create tumors.  Embryonic stem cells are very powerful.

The stem cell therapy that is really beginning to shine is adult stem cell therapy, where the stem cells are taken from your circulating blood.  There is no chance for reactions or  rejections.  Stem cells taken from your own blood has shown to be a cure for certain diseases and disorders.  If a cure is not had, the quality of life of the person is generally increased.  Adult stem cells taken from circulating blood often costs less overall than other stem cell treatments.  Multiple therapies will always be required for the best possible outcome.  These therapies are best for immune disorders and disease that are not life threatening and for anti-aging applications.

There are many different types, some more effective than others so do lots of research before you decide which stem cell therapy is best for you.

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