Are Stem Cells Morally Wrong?

When many people hear the words stem cells they often think of cloning or babies being created or killed for science.

Stem cell research really doesn’t have anything to do with cloning.  That is a separate science altogether.

Fetuses from abortions were used in stem cells therapies.  However, this avenue proved to be unreliable.  Unassisted, natural miscarriages are the way that most fetal stem cells are derived in today’s world.  Still people cringe and object to the thought of abortions being used to carry out an agenda in science.  People that are against abortions believe that this encourages and supports abortions.

Embryonic stem cells are most often the area that causes concern and much heated debate.  In a lab, a human egg is fertilized and an embryo is grown.  People believe that scientists are playing God and creating a living being just to sacrifice in the name of science.  People say that science is devaluing life.  Scientists argue back that what they are creating and growing is not a living being.  This has been the argument of many for a long period of time, without an end to the debate in sight.

Some Supreme Courts in the United States do not count an embryo as a living human until it is born and living outside the womb.  However, there are statutes put into place in many states that now say over 7 weeks gestation is considered living.  18 states within the United States considers life begins at the time of conception, meaning an embryo is a living being when fertilization happens.  This is where science has entered a gray area.

Not all stem cell therapies are embroiled in the moral debate.  Stem cells taken from bone marrow or circulating blood, known as adult stem cells, have nothing to do with the debate about life.

Stem cell therapies not only utilize adult stem cells, but stem cells derived from fat, skin, plants, and also animals.  Plant and animal stem cells are used in oral supplements, but have created positive results.  Stem cells from blood fat and skin are also achieving accolades in the field of science and regeneration without the controversy.

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