Natural Stem Cells Help Stroke Victims

Good news for Stroke patients!

Research shows that stem cells continue to produce neurons after a stroke to aid in the regeneration of the brain.

“Persistent Production of Neurons from Adult Brain Stem Cells During Recovery after Stroke” is a paper written by Pär Thored, et al, at the Laboratory of Neurogenesis and Cell Therapy, Section of Restorative Neurology, Wallenberg Neuroscience Center, University Hospital, Lund, Sweden and Lund Strategic Research Center for Stem Cell Biology and Cell Therapy, Lund, Sweden.

Here is a portion of the abstract: “Neural stem cells in the subventricular zone of adult rodents produce new striatal neurons that may replace those that have died after stroke; however, the neurogenic response has been considered acute and transient, yielding only small numbers of neurons. In contrast, we show herein that striatal neuroblasts are generated without decline at least for 4 months after stroke in adult rats.”

This means that what used to be considered only a short time of neurons being produced has now been found to last much, much longer. Here’s more”

“Neuroblasts formed early or late after stroke either differentiate into mature neurons, which survive for several months, or die through caspase-mediated apoptosis. The directed migration of the new neurons toward the ischemic damage is regulated by stromal cell-derived factor-1α and its receptor CXCR4. These results show that endogenous neural stem cells continuously supply the injured adult brain with new neurons, which suggests novel self-repair strategies to improve recovery after stroke.”

This is very good news for a stroke victims everywhere! Your own body’s naturally produced stem cells can help to speed your recovery from stroke.

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