Stem Cell Therapy – Quackery or Truth?

People find that many new therapies promoted in the press or by their doctors as the next great silver bullet, does not live up to the hype and may be downright quackery. These sensationalist claims are intended to pull more money out of your wallet with the promise of the next biggest and greatest invention in health care therapies.

I don’t think there is anything that can be called the universal silver bullet.  We are not cookie cutters.  Our bodies are unique and so are our diseases and disorders.  Yes, there is similarity but no two people are exactly the same.

Stem cell therapies have been given alarming headlines, “The Cure for Cancer Found” to “Stem Cell Therapies Cause Cancer”.  Can stem cells cure cancer in 100% of the people 100% of the time- no.  However, stem cell therapies do offer an option that does work in some cases.  If cancer is not cured, quality of life does improve with stem cells.

Would you rather live a long life with feeling very sick and not being able to live or would you rather live a shortened life and be able to live and enjoy during that time?

The headlines promoting that stem cells cause cancer is also true.  However, this is only true when embryonic stem cells are used, not other types of stem cells. Embryonic stem cells are designed to build a body, not rejuvenate a body.  When a body is already built, the stem cells from embryos are designed to create, so they create..cancers.

In fact, when you hear about healing miracles from stem cells, these stories are not about embryonic stem cells.  These reportings are about other types of stem cells, usually adult stem cells.

There will always be people, including the media, that will hype something to create sensationalist interest.  This may not always be bad because it brings awarenesses needed to certain therapies.  Your part is discernment.  Sit down and talk with the clinic preforming the stem cells.  Weigh the benefits and risks.  Cost is often a huge risk.  Lie many things that attain a lot of attention, there is usually a very large price tag involved.

Stem cell therapies are not hype.  They offer a layer of healing and regeneration we have not seen yet in modern science.  If done correctly, there is little to no risk involved.  No one can say 100% that you will be cured of what ails you, but stem cell therapies can offer you hope where before there was little to none.

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