Stem Cells for Dogs

Just when you thought you have heard everything, something new has popped into the scene.  Stem cell therapy for you pet.  While this may sound wacky, this really is an amazing lifesaver to many animals.  Often even saving the owner money in the long run.

If you own a pet, then you know that many people think of their pet as their child.  They would do anything for them.  Pets nowadays are just about as expensive as a child, especially when illness enters the picture.

If you have ever had taken the burden of expense and stress of having a sick pet, you will understand whole heartedly.  There are often many trips to the vets office, some in an emergency.  You try different food and the animal is put on various medications while several tests are preformed.  A different round of medication usually ensues, and then you are referred out to a specialist.  Just like with human doctors, there is usually a wait period to get in to see the specialist.  After another extensive and expensive span of tests and more medications, you are sent home with a diagnosis and also a plan of actions which requires more trips and more treatments.

Your dog looks at you lovingly, begging you to take care of him or her.  You fret about the expensive but know that this is the only option available because you can not bear the thought of putting your beloved pet to sleep because of the inconvenience of expense, plus there is always hope.

Having a very sick pet is a long journey and it is heartbreaking.  Stem cell therapy for your pet has arrived to take away a lot of that burden.  Recovery rates with animals that receive stem cells are much better than even humans.  Animals are much better patients, they don’t get in their own way as we often do.  When they feel bad, they sleep.  We still have responsibility.  They just want to get better to be around for you.  You are their life.  We wonder if death wouldn’t be a better option.  Then there is our ego.  We often think we know better and do not always follow the directions given to us by our health care practitioner.

Fat is taken from your pet as he is anesthetized.  The stem cells are ready in two days and are injected back into your pet at a routine in-office visit.  The cost is $2,500.  Disease is not the only thing that stem cells will work on for you pet, inflammation and pain responds well to stem cell therapy.

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